It’s Robert’s Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Robert, from your Bandmates!
It’s a Honky Tonk weekend of Gosse Family music, camaraderie and goodness!  Time to take your hunny for a date?  Pick one (or all) of these awesome shows and come have a good time with us.    * I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU *
*Live Music Schedule for the weekend of October 4, 5 & 6*
Thursday Oct 4th | 8pm to Midnight | Bobby Gosse Jam
Friday Oct 5th | 9pm to 1am | Robert Gosse Band
Saturday Oct 6th | 4pm to 8pm | Bobby Gosse Jam
Saturday Oct 6th | 9pm to 1 am | Robert Gosse Band
Big Al’s Bar | 1915 31 Street SE
Happy Birthday Robert Gosse!
Happy Birthday Diane Butts!
Happy Anniversary Bobby and Rhonda Gosse!
Happy Anniversary Robert and Shauna Gosse!
RGB Winery Shot
“Plenty to think about; Nothing to worry about.”
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